We HATE marketing acronyms… and we LOVE them.

This list will keep getting bigger with everyday marketing-speak, so you can have conversations and actually look like you know what you’re talking about.

B2B Business to Business Marketing directly to businesses
B2C Business to Customer Marketing directly to customers
B2H Business to “human” Marketing directly to anyone directly / specifically
BR Bounce Rate How many users leave a website from a specific website page
CAC Customer Acquisition Cost How much does it cost for you to acquire a single customer
CMS Content Management System A system that allows you to publish, edit and organise your content
CPC Cost Per Click Similar to PPC / generally used in Google network advertising
CPM Cost per Thousand impressions The advertising cost you pay for each thousand impressions your ad receives
CRM Customer Relationship Management How a company keeps records of its customers and activity with them
CSS Cascading Stylesheet The definition used to describe how the visual style of a website looks / feels
CTA Call to Action The action you expect you audience to take as a result of your campaign
CTR Click Through Rate How many individuals clicked your advertisement
CX Customer Experience The interaction between a company and its customer during their relationship
DM Direct Mail A physical letter sent to a customer / person
DNS Domain Name Server Is an internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses
eDM Electronic Direct Mail An email version of a letter sent to a customer / person
FTP File Transfer Protocol Used to send files from one computer to another over the internet
GA Google Analytics The tool used to monitor audience behaviour on your website / or Google marketing activity
GDN Google Display Network Websites linked to Google that advertisers can place ads on
GSN Google Search Network Google’s search engine
HTML HyperText Markup Language The standard software language used to create websites
HTTP/S HyperText Transfer Protocol / Secure The protocol used to define how messages are transmitted on the internet / and if they are secured
IM Instant Message Instant communication between two users / i.e. chat
IP Internet Protocol Numeric identifier for a computer that uses the internet for communication
KPI Key Performance Indicator The key targets for your employees to reach that determines success
PPC Pay Per Click The cost you pay each time a person clicks a ad you have placed in display / search networks
PR Page Rank The ranking of your website in comparison to similar searchable websites
PV Page Views How many views a specific page of your website receives
QR CODE Quick Response Barcode A code used for storing links to URLs
ROMI Return on Marketing Investment How much money you expect to make in profit as a result of your marketing activity
RSS Rich Site Summary A summary of a website compiled into a feed or channel
RT Retweet Repeating someone else’s tweet on Twitter verbatim
SEM Search Engine Marketing Process of improving your search engine ranking / or advertising through search engines
SEO Search Engine Optimisation The aim of getting your page to the top of search engine lists
SMM Social Media Marketing Creating promotions or engaging with customers through social media
SOV Share of Voice Advertising term comparing ad revenue to peer advertisers
SSL Secure Sockets Layer Security technology used to encrypt certain parts of a website
UI User Interface The front-end or screen that a user sees when browsing a website / app
URL Uniform Resource Locator The address of a website
UV Unique Visitor How many individual people access a website or app
UX User Experience How a user interacts with the environment you present to them
WOM Word of Mouth Oral or written communication by a satisfied customer

Oh yeah… TLA. Three Letter Acronym.

If you can think of any other acronyms you love / hate – feel free to let us know.